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W. Mark Roberts, Ph.D.: Medical Writer, Medical Editor, and Research Consultant

Medical writing, medical editing, and research support for the pharmaceutical, clinical, and academic sectors

  Support for your biomedical
communication needs, including:
Projects include: Expertise in:
  Medical writing Peer-reviewed journal articles Manuscript drafting and editing
  Editing Global value dossiers Journal submission strategy
  Literature search and review Reimbursement submissions Clinical trial design
  Presentation design Conference posters Value argument development
  Graphic design Abstracts and summary documents Pharmacoeconomics
  Exploratory data analysis Presentation slide decks Analysis of complex data
  Statistical analysis Research project plans Multimedia e-learning solutions

  Past clients include:   Member of  
  Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital
  International Market Access Consulting
  U.S. and international enquiries welcome:
  302 - 2250 Papineau Avenue
Montreal, QC H2K 4J6
Tel. +1 (514) 807-1859
Fax. +1 (514) 544-4923

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